Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid

One of the most important items you can pack in a bug out bag is a first aid kit. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but having all of the essentials could easily save your life. No matter where you go in your bug out situation – whether it’s the woods, the mountains, or the desert – you’re likely going to get hurt at some point out in the wild.

Knowing how to handle the situation when you get hurt is key, as is having the materials with which to help yourself or others. The TripWorthy Compact First Aid Kit has all of the basics you would need for the outdoors.

The item you’re most likely going to use from the kit is the adhesive bandages. Everyone knows how to use them, and they’re going to work for the most common injuries you’ll get: cuts and scrapes.

The kit comes with plenty of bandages in various sizes. It comes with one abdominal bandage, one elastic bandage, two triangular bandages, three fingertip bandages, four extra-large bandages, and 25 regular sized bandages.

In combination with the bandages, it’d be a good idea to use one of the 10 prep pads included if you have a cut that’s gotten dirty, in order to reduce the risk of infection. There are also items included to help treat more advanced injuries, such as deeper cuts, stings, and gashes.

There’s a CPR mask in the event of cardiac arrest, though it’s recommended that you take a CPR course first so that you know how to actually perform the procedure. There are four sting relief pads, which will be very useful when you’re in the outdoors.

They alleviate the throbbing pain caused by wasp, ant, bee, and other insect stings. There’s even a sewing kit and gauze, which helps close large wounds and gashes and stop the bleeding.

For other emergencies, there are a few other items that will help you. There’s an emergency blanket, which allows you to retain more heat, and can double as a signaling device because of its reflective surface.

There’s a disposable poncho that will keep you dry in the event of sudden rainfall. There’s even a glow stick that you can use to signal for help at night. The moleskin blister relief pad inside can help prevent discomfort and infection caused by blisters – a common problem you’ll face if you’re doing a lot of walking or not changing your socks often enough.