Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed Blade Knife

The handiest tool you can have on you at all times in a survival situation is a good fixed blade knife. Fixed blade knives are better than pocket knives because they’re much stronger and more versatile.

Due to their structure, pocket knives are much easier to break than fixed blade knives, especially at the pivoting point where it flips. Fixed blade knives have tons of uses if you know how to use them, ranging from fighting and hunting to bush crafting.

You can make shelter, get food, and defend yourself all with one solid piece of equipment. The Gerber Ultimate Pro Knife is everything you could ever want in a survival knife.

It’s designed to be able to take all kinds of stress under all conditions. It has a full tang, which means instead of a metal blade attached to plastic handles, it’s all one solid piece of steel, with grips attached around the lower half.

The whole knife being one piece of metal greatly reduces the risk of it breaking, allowing you to use it even as a pry bar without it snapping. The blade is fine edge, meaning it has no serrations.

This makes it much easier to sharpen by yourself, because the serrations don’t get in the way. The Ultimate Pro Knife is made from high quality, high carbon steel that can withstand all weather conditions and keep its edge for a long time.

This Gerber knife also comes with a few built in features that are just nice to have. For example, on the end of the grip, there’s an emergency whistle attached to a lanyard. It’s small enough to stay out of the way while you’re cutting while still being an effective whistle.

The sheath even has some great features built into it. When your blade eventually gets dull, the sheath has a built in, easy to use sharpener. Also attached to the sheath is a firestarter rod, which lets you use the knife as a striker to start fires.

The best use for this knife is bush crafting. Bush crafting is the art of using wood and other materials found in the outdoors to create useful tools and shelter. For example, you could carve out a fishing spear from a tree branch to spear for food, or even to defend yourself from predators. You can also use the knife to collect wood for fires, or to collect branches for the roof of your shelter.