Gas Mask

Gas Mask

Of all the bug out scenarios, one of the most terrifying is an unconventional attack by a foreign country. The common term for this kind of attack is CBRN, which stands for chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear.

These attacks could range from nuclear bombs to nerve gas to chlorine gas. All of these agents are extremely harmful to the human body, and can quickly kill you. Everyone should be prepared to face such a threat, as these agents have been used before and will be used again.

3M is a trusted brand that has been making safety gear for scientists for years, as is DuPont, which is why their products are the most trusted in the industry. The most important piece of your CBRN gear is a functioning gas mask.

A gas mask will protect you from airborne agents such as disease and other biological threats, as well as chemical threats such as chlorine gas. It will also prevent you from inhaling nuclear fallout, which would quickly cause cancer and radiation sickness.

The 3M Full Face Respirator provides an airtight fit around your face while not restricting a lot of your vision, making it ideal for survival. It’s very similar to the gas masks used by the Israelis to protect against chemical threats.

The mask alone isn’t going to help you with everything, though. You also need the actual filters for your mask. The filters are fairly cheap compared to the mask, sitting at around $20 for two.

Be sure to get the multi-gas and vapor cartridges, because they’re easily the most versatile and protect against just about all threats, except for mercury vapor. These cartridges have been approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, to protect against most agents, both organic and chemical.

These filters can protect against crowd dispersal agents as well, such as tear gas. While the gas mask is the primary concern, you can’t forget about the rest of your body. DuPont’s Tyvek coverall suits protect the rest of your body from agents that do damage on contact, such as acids and biological waste.

If you have any open cuts on your body, biological agents can cause serious infection and disease if they’re not properly covered. The hood of the coveralls fits tightly around your gas mask, so nothing gets in. The wrists and ankles are also elastic, so it’s more difficult for pathogens to enter your suit through those holes.